Monday, July 30, 2007

Lasmagi Djasmagi Cocek/Kyuchek

Susan listened to the chorus of the Lasmagi Djasmagi Cocek/Kyuchek over and over and phonetically transcribed the words. Here they are (in very approximate phonetic form), in case you want to study up so you can sing along:

Lasmagi, Djasmagi
Discoteki, Maraponi (Maretoni?)
Chocolati, Marzipani
Pepperoni, Macaroni
Gasponi, Masponi
Tonkaloni, Monkaloni
Aquadoni, Maquedoni
Get up, ooh, get up, ooh

BTW, that music is performed by Orkestar Zornitsa on this CD:
Svatbarski hora, rachenitsi i kyuchetsi - Milena Records MR 200001-2

I ordered it on-line from in Bulgaria (using a pre-paid Visa gift card, since the idea of using my credit card on-line still makes me nervous), and was quite pleased with the service. They notified me by e-mail as soon as it was shipped, and told me to contact them if it didn't arrive, and it arrived (via Bulgarian Post and registered US mail) in about a week, no problems. It's also available at
which is where I found the sound clip I linked to above.

Doing a google search for "lasmagi", I also found this interesting site: which has such interesting titles as "Darth Vader Kyucheck" and "Robocop Kyuchek" .

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