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2017 post-Oconomowoc web surfing

Pitat Me Mamo Pitat Me, Mamo, V Selo Momite: Bulgarian National Folk … (music)
PITAT MI MAMO (Bulgarian Circle Dance presented by Steve … (dance video)
Pitat me Mamo - Divi Zheni (lyrics)
Pitat Me Mamo (Bulgarian Folk Song) sheet music for Voice - 8notes … (sheet music) (music)

Shalom Aleinu
Salaam (song) – Wikipedia (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu) (info)
Salaam (Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu) – YouTube (dance video)
Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu (Salaam) - Shmulik Gov Ari - Israeli Dances (info)
Sheva - Salaam – YouTube (music, long intro)
Sheva - Celestial Wedding - Music (CD) (music)

Gergebunarsko pravo horo – YouTube (music, same tune as Boalisko)
Gergebunarsko Horo on folk tune finder (same tune as Boalisko, sheet music) Gergebunarsko Horo: Kostadin Varimezov: MP3 … (music, same tune as Boalisko) Gergebunarsko pravo horo: Nama Orchestra & David … (music, same tune as Boalisko)
Best of NAMA by NAMA Orchestra on Apple Music (music, same tune as Boalisko)
NAMA Orchestra & David Owens | Best of NAMA | CD Baby Music Store (CD, includes Gergebunarsko, same tune as Boalisko)
Боалийско хоро (Boalisko Horo, dance video)
(Note: there's another choreography of Boalisko, that shows up in youtube more often than this one, with different music)

Hopa Hopa
Poni - Hopa Hopa lyrics + English translation
PONI - Music on Google Play (includes Hopa Hopa)
PONI - HOPA HOPA – YouTube (music)
Poni- Hopa Hopa by Migena | Migena Rrapushaj | Free Listening on … (music)
(Note: there's another Hopa Hopa that's a Croation dance, not related as far as I can tell)

Tou Paradiso Lemonia
The Alien Diaries: The Paradise of Lemon Trees (Tou Paradiso Lemonia, info)
TOU PARADISOU LEMONIA Greek Dance (Choreographed by Willem Wolfert – Netherlands) (dance video)
Του Παραδείσου Λεμονιά-Παντελής Θαλασσινός (Tou Paradiso Lemonia – Pandelis Thalassinos, music)

Hora Anton Pann
Anton Pann – Wikipedia (info)
Hora Anton Pann (1850), Romanian folk dance – YouTube (dance video)
Hora Anton Pann – YouTube (dance video)
Hora Anton Pann - Dunav (lyrics)
Anton Pann - Până când nu te iubeam versuri + traducere în Engleză (lyrics translated to English)
Pink Martini (with singer Storm Large) - Până când nu te iubeam … (same tune as Hora Anton Pann, music)
Maria Tanase - Pana cand nu te iubeam – YouTube (music)

Jianul de la Slanic
Jianul De La Slanik, Romanian folk dance – YouTube (dance video)
Jianul de la Slanic on folk tune finder (sheet music)
Zamfir : greatest hits (Musical CD, 1900s) [] (info, Jianul de la Slanic is the first 3 parts of the medley in the first track)
Georges Zamfir - Greatest Hits - Music (Jianul de la Slanic is the first 3 parts of the first track)
Ruf des Alphorns - Lied des Jancu Jianu - Tanz von Jianu ... - Facebook (music) (syllabus)

Primavera en Salonico
Primavera En Salonico (Sephardic/Greece) | Folk Dance Musings (info)
Primavera en Salonico – YouTube (dance video, Steve Kotansky teaching)
Άνοιξη στη Σαλονίκη-Σαβίνα Γιαννάτου & Primavera en Salonico ... (music)
Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico - Primavera en Salonico … (music)
Sefard en Diáspora by Judith R. Cohen on Apple Music (music, track 10)
Primavera en Salonico | Jewish Folk Songs (Lyrics)

Monster Mash
Bobby Pickett "Monster Mash" – YouTube (music)
CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets - Monster Mash (syllabus)
"Monster Mash" Halloween Line Dance – YouTube (dance video)

Corelli's Maggot
abc | Corelli's Maggot - … (sheet music)
Corelli's Maggot on folk tune finder (sheet music)
At the Ball: Dances for Volume 6 (CD, includes Corelli's Maggot)
Corelli's Maggot – YouTube (dance video)

Garry Strathspey
Garry Strathspey Scottish Country Dance Video (dance video)
Dance: The Garry Strathspey | SCDDB (info)
Garry Strathspey on folk tune finder (sheet music)
The Jigtime Polka (schottische) on folk tune finder (sheet music, same tune as Garry Strathspey)
The Jigtime Polka – YouTube (same tune, but faster) The Jigtime Polka: Jim Blair and His Scottish Dance … (music, same tune, but faster)
The Jigtime Polka by Jim Blair and His Scottish Dance Band | Free … (music, same tune, faster) (different tune)

Freeford Gardens
Freeford Gardens - Stockton Folk Dance Camp (syllabus)
Freeford Gardens on folk tune finder (sheet music)
Robin Hood Ball - Freeford Gardens – YouTube (dance video)
Freeford Gardens – YouTube (dance video) (CD, includes Freeford Gardens)

The following 3 dances were done at the parties or after-parties, not part of the workshops, but caught the attention of people who hadn't seen them before:

Oy Yossel Yossel - Moshiko Halevy - Israeli Dances (info)
Oy Yossel Yossel - יוסל יוסל (Israel) | Folk Dance Musings (info)
Yossel Yossel - Amarinda folk – YouTube (music)
Yossel Yossel Moshiko in Meze France – YouTube (dance video)
Oy Yossel Yossel.mp4 - YouTube (dance flash mob video)

Góralski - Stockton Folk Dance Camp (syllabus)
Stockton Goralski - Góralski ze Stocktonu (Poland) | Folk Dance Musings (info)
Stockton Goralski – YouTube (dance video)
Kayah, Bregovic, Goran Bregovic - Prawy do lewego – YouTube (music)
Kayah & Bregovic - Prawy do lewego (English subtitles) – YouTube (music)
GORAN KAYAH / BREGOVIC - Kayah & Bregovic - Music

Valenki - Russie - Danse d'harmonisation – YouTube (dance video)
Valenki (danza rusa). Vista aérea - YouTube (dance video, aerial view)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oconomowoc video clips 2006-2017 on youtube

The first few years of the blog, I uploaded the videos (and photo slideshows in some cases) to a free account on, which provided the HTML "embed" code to include them in the blog. But now photobucket has changed things and made stuff unavailable for "third party hosting" as this is called, unless you upgrade to a premium (paid) membership.  So, I finally got around to uploading all the years of Oconomowoc video clips that I have to youtube, making a playlist for each year (and also updated the early blog posts with the broken photobucket links to embed the youtube playlists instead.)

I made the youtube playlists "unlisted", which means you can see them if you have the link, but they won't show up in a youtube search.  Below are all the youtube playlist links, including 2006, which was before the blog even started:

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2006

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2007

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2008

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2009

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2010

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2011

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2012

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2013

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2014

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2015

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2016

Oconomowoc Folk Dance Camp 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

EDC folks visiting Friday Sept 22 - party!

Folk dancers from Ethnic Dance Chicago will be joining us for dancing in Downers Grove on Friday Sept 22, 2017 -- so we're making it a party! Bring snacks to share if you feel like it, and see friends you may not have seen for a while (unless of course you just saw them at Oconomowoc; then come to see them again and maybe review some of the Oconomowoc dances!)

Oconomowoc 2017 video clips

Below is aYoutube playlist of dances taught this weekend and reviewed Sunday morning.  To see the whole list, click on the icon & text ("1/13..."), you should then be able to scroll down the list and click on whichever particular dance you're interested in.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Evanston: Dance Party, Kabile Orchestra Mon Sept 18

Monday, September 18
Dance Party at EMNFD with Kabile Orchestra


at Lake Street Church of Evanston
607 Lake Street - NW corner of Lake Street and Chicago Avenue
enter through courtyard arched entry on Chicago Avenue

7:30-10:30 pm

Friday, September 15, 2017