Saturday, September 26, 2015

Web surfing after Oconomowoc - links to music

The music for Gras Kalo is called "Ding Deng Dong", by the band KAL, from the album "Radio Romanista" -- here's the official video:

Here's the album on iTunes:
and on Amazon:

The music for Syrtos Kytrinou is "Balamos" or "To Tragoudi ton Gyfton (The Song of the Gypsies)" by Eleni Vitali (Ελένη Βιτάλη) -- here are links:

The full name of "Avre Tu" is "Avre Tu Puerta Cerrada", by Esther Ofarim, on the album "Judeo Espagnol":

Fado Portugues de Nos: the recording artist is Mariza, album "Transparente":

Jo 'n Jo Tango could be done to a lot of different tango music, but the one we danced to is Hernando's Hideaway, by the Johnston Brothers:

Here's the scene from "The Pajama Game" with Hernando's Hideaway:

Here's an album of Armenian Dances with Nino: 

Asta I Hora Mare is apparently by Sofia Vicoveanca, on the album "De dor, de frumos pe lume"

The music for "Hora Mare Bucovineana" appears to be "Hora Bucovinei" by Alexandru Bidirel:

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