Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ending our presence on

Last spring, we decided to try setting up on, to see if it would help improve attendance at regular Friday night dancing. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have had any effect on attendance, so we decided not to pay for another 6 months, so our meetup group will disappear from after September.  Thanks to Susan for setting up and maintaining it, it was a noble experiment.  Too bad it didn't work out.

This blog will still be maintained, so check here for special events, cancellations, or miscellaneous stuff that I think you might be interested in :-)


Anonymous said...

I need to start coming on Friday nights. Are beginners welcome?

ArgonneIFD said...

Yes, Nina, beginners are always welcome. This Friday, Sept 26, we'll be having more teaching than usual, so it would be a good day to start! Hope to see you then.