Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Playlist, Potluck Recipes, Lost+Found

One nice thing about playing the music from the computer is that it's easy to save the program as a playlist, and Jay wrote a little script to extract the names in plain text format -- attached below is the program of dances from the New Years Day party.

The spicy lentil-potato-filled tortilla roll-ups were based on the filling from this samosa recipe, except that instead of fussing with making the dough and baking or frying, I just spread the cooked filling on store-bought flour tortillas, rolled them up, chilled and sliced them. And I used mixed vegetables instead of peas, because I don't like peas. If anybody else was asked about their recipes and would like to share, you can add it to this post as a comment, if you'd like. Remember, you're welcome to comment on this or any other post in the blog. Or e-mail us if you have something interesting to share, and I can add it to the blog, if you don't want to mess with it yourself. I can't post PDF or MSword files, but plain text or HTML or URL links or .JPG images are all fine.

In the lost+found department, somebody left behind something that I'm surprised they haven't asked about yet - if you were there and check your belongings and find something missing, we'll have it there to be claimed on Friday. If you're not a Friday regular, please contact us to make arrangements to identify & retrieve the item.

Happy New Year!

------- Dance list from January 1, 2008 ---------
Lesnoto - Makedonsko Devojce
Tzadik Katamar
Ais Giorgis
Bufcankso 1
Oconomowoc 2006\Lalica
Dospatsko Horo 1
Ma Navu
Mori Shej, Sabina
Hora Fetelor
Dos Amantes
Moj Maro, Moj Marine
Vodeno Horo
Kjustendilska Racenica - Snosti Si Rada Pristana
June Camp 2006\Hasovska Lesa
Gori More
Jensen's Hambo
Moja Diridika
Zemer Atik
Triti Puti 1
Oconomowoc 2007\Rododachtilos
Sapri Tama
Pata Pata
Jeftanovicevo Kolo
Dalakopa + Alix Cordray\Linerender - Skepparshottis
Skip - Down at the Twist and Shout
Orijent 1
Lesnoto - NAMA Medley
Sadi Moma
Yuliyan Yordanov - Spring Festival - Chicago 2006\_ 09_Pirinsko Shirto
New York New York
Nevesto Carvan Trendafil
Oconomowoc 2007\Above the Rainbow
Syrtos - Tin Agape - RPO
June Camp 2006\Ramno Velesko
Get Back to the Country
Dobrudzanska Reka 1
Louisiana Saturday Night
Godecki Cacak
Hora Miresi
Capkan Dimco
June Camp 2006\Ciganko
Saint John River
Russian Round Dance
Cocek - Lasmagi Djasmagi
Lepa Moja Milena
Krici Krici Ticek
Moonlight Swing - Whose Bed Have Your Boots...
Haroa Haktena
Ashrei Hayish
Deninka - Ordan Seti Na Kulata
Fatise Kolo
Sonia Dion + Cristian Florescu\Hora de la Soroca
Hora Or
Passu Torrau
Hole in the Wall
Hora de la Cimpie
Joc de Leagane
Never on Sunday
Osman Aga
Trgnala Rumjana 2

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